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Which fees will I be charged with?

A list of appicable fees (or lack thereof) that users on the Max Crowdfund platform will be charged with

Fees that are FREE of charge

  • Register an account
  • 0% interest on your cash balance
  • Deposit funds (in EUR from EU bank accounts)
  • Withdrawal funds (in EUR to EU bank accounts)

Investor fees:

  • Subscription fee loans


  • Support ticket
  • Donate to charity

Fees that are actually charged

Investor fees:

  • Subscription fee for bonds - variable 0% to 2% incl. VAT of invested amount
  • Monthly administration fee - 0.1% incl. Vat. Charged from the outstanding investment amount and held back from periodic payments.
  • Administration fee incidental payment (i.e. profit share) - 0.5% incl. VAT. Charged from the paid amount and held back from the payment.

Fundraiser fees:

  • Application fee - €250 excl. VAT due after submission of the fundraise application
  • Publication & contracting fee - €750 excl. VAT. Charged afterwards and held back from payment of raised amount if applicable
  • Success fee - 2.5% excl. VAT. Charged and held back from payment of raised amount
  • Montly administration fee - 0.06% excl. VAT. Charged from the principal loan amount on top of periodic payments
  • Administration fee incidental payment (for example profit share) - 0.5% excl. VAT. Charged from and on top of the incidental payments
  • Loan restructuring - 0.5% excl. VAT. Charged from outstanding loan amount (with a €1,000 minimum)
  • Early repayment - 0.5% excl. VAT. Charged from amount repaid (with a €500 minimum) + 3 months bonus interest to be paid to investors
  • Late payments - All costs for collection & recovery with a minimum of € 500 excl. VAT