Crowdfunding literally means raising money from the general public. We provide loans to our fundraisers. Our fundraisers are parties that need a loan to renovate, transform and develop real estate. Frequently banks do not finance a real estate project, despite the fact that the project is extremely promising. 

With the raised amount, the project developer buys the property, renovates it and then resells it or rents it out at a profit. You can benefit from this by investing an amount of at least € 100. As soon as the loan becomes available to the fundraiser, you will receive monthly interest and the fundraiser can realize its purchase and/or renovation. The level of interest that you receive as an investor differs per investment opportunity, but is currently an average of 9.37% on an annual basis. 

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New investment opportunities come online regularly.  

As long as the target amount has not been raised, you can still invest in the project by contributing an amount of at least € 100. You can invest in several investment opportunities at the same time. The duration differs per investment opportunity, for example this can be 6 months, but also 15 months or longer. During this term you will receive the agreed interest monthly. After the term, you will receive the full deposit amount back. The interest rates shown are on an annual basis. 

When the full amount is raised, the loan will be closed. After the loan is closed, a 24 hour cooling-off period begins, during this period you can still cancel your investment. After these 24 hours we will finalize the loan agreement with the fundraiser and transfer the raised amount to him. When the amount has been transferred, the term (for example 12 months) starts and you will receive monthly interest on your investment. This is then transferred to your Max Crowdfund account. Here you can choose whether you reinvest the money in a new loan, or transfer it to your own bank account. 

Investing in real estate online

100% succes ratio

To date we have a 100% success rate. We originated from a group of very experienced real estate entrepreneurs. Thanks to our many years of experience with real estate in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, we are able to estimate very accurately which projects have the best prospects and we only accept the best projects. The risk is much lower than with alternatives, such as expensive investment funds or crypto investments. 

More details about how we determine the risks and the interest rates for our real estate projects? Click here for more information. 

Questions about the Max Crowdfund platform or about the investment opportunities? Contact us at 010-3070948 or info@maxcrowdfund.com. 

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