Weekly update - week 15

Weekly update - week 15

In our weekly update we will keep you informed of our most important weekly activities. What happened at Max Crowdfund last week?

- 3 loans have been fully subscribed
- A total of €384,300 has been raised
- 6 loans have been activated
- A total of €1,247,100 has been activated

Fully subscribed loans
Loan #904972 in Padiham, UK, was subscribed by 111 investors in 29 minutes on April 12, 2022.

Loan #904950 in Oswaldtwistle, UK went live on April 11, 2022 and was subscribed within 35 minutes by 98 investors.

Loan #850826 in St Helens, UK, went live on April 2022 and was subscribed by 139 investors within 33 minutes.


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