Weekly update - week 23

Weekly update - week 23

In our weekly update we will keep you informed of our most important weekly activities. What happened at Max Crowdfund last week and what's planned?

In this weekly update:

- One loan was fully subscribed
- The latest IT updates
- Announcement regarding the visibility of loans

Fully subscribed loan


Loan #917968 Old Windsor, in the United Kingdom, was fully subscribed on the 9th of June 2022. A total of €830,000 has been raised (the target amount) thanks to 307 investors. The loan was funded in 22 days, 20 hours and 8 minutes. For more information about this loan, click here.

Max Crowdfund numbers:

  • Total raised: €28,580,800
  • Total amount activated: €24,750,800
  • Total amount repaid: €2,284,800
  • Total defaults: 0%

Update platform IT problems
Today, our team is once again working hard on a fix for the IT problems regarding the Wallasey and Worthing West Sussex loans. If this fix cannot be resolved today, our team will proceed to manually process these loans.

Visibility loans
Great news! The problem regarding the visibility of the loans on the platform has been solved. You can now view all loans again at all times, even when you are not logged in to your Max Crowdfund account.

We would like to keep you informed of all events at Max Crowdfund. Keep an eye on our socials!