Weekly update - week 22

Weekly update - week 22

In our weekly update, we will keep you informed of our most important weekly activities. What happened at Max Crowdfund last week and what is planned?

In this weekly update:
- One loan was fully subscribed
- Last Thursday we organized a live Q&A
- We have an update regarding the Corbelo Group loans
- The latest IT developments
- An important announcement regarding the Coseley loans (!)
- Loan visibility announcement

Fully subscribed loan
Loan #967521 Poynton, in the United Kingdom, was fully subscribed on June 3, 2022. A total of €460,000 has been raised (the target amount) thanks to 305 investors. The loan was subscribed within 17 days, 22 hours and 23 minutes. For more information about this loan, click here.

On Thursday the 2nd of June 2022 we organized a live Q&A to give all interested parties the opportunity to ask questions to our team regarding the IT problems on the platform. We would like to thank all participants of the Q&A for their input and participation. For those who couldn't make it last Thursday, we recorded the Q&A. You can watch it below (note: the video is mainly in Dutch).

HubSpot Video


Corbelo Group loans
As you probably already know, we have had to extend a number of loans from the Corbelo Group due to delays at the UK Land Registry. It now seems that the problems at the UK Land Registry mainly have been resolved. On Friday the 3rd of June 2022 we started repaying the following Corbelo Group loans (including interest): #622375, #622369, #624000 and #623994. We are also currently working on processing the other payments.

Update platform IT problems
This week we are working hard to resolve the issues regarding the following two loans: #639580 Wallasey and loan #609325 Worthing West Sussex. Due to complex IT issues, it is currently not possible for these two loans to distribute interest payments to investors' accounts. We will do everything we can to solve this as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and will of course keep you informed of any further developments.

Important information regarding the Coseley loans
We regret to inform you that the borrower's business partner has recently changed the terms of the agreement, as a result of which the borrower no longer wishes to continue the project. As a result, we are unfortunately forced to cancel both Coseley loans. This concerns loan #839456 and loan #939363. Participants of these loans will receive an email from us with more detailed information at the latest next week.

Visibility loans
We would like to draw your attention to the following: for a correct and up-to-date display of all loans, it is necessary that you are logged in to your Max Crowdfund account. This is a temporary requirement and we are currently working hard to ensure all loans are visible at all times. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Current investment opportunities


Loan in the United Kingdom with 10% interest

Target amount:            €380,000
Term:                               6 months
Interest:                          10% per annum
Mortgage rank:             First Rank
LTV (Loan To Value):   89.6%
Risk:                                 C

Click here to view this loan.



Loan in the United Kingdom with 10% interest

Target amount:             €830,000
Term:                               12 months
Interest:                           10% per annum
Mortgage rank:              First Rank
LTV (Loan To Value):     77.1%
Risk:                                   B

Click here to view the loan.

Max Crowdfund numbers:

  • Total raised: €27,750,800
  • Total amount activated: €24,750,800
  • Total amount repaid: €2,284,800
  • Total defaults: 0%

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