Weekly update - week 19

Weekly update - week 19

In our weekly update we will keep you informed of our most important weekly activities. What happened at Max Crowdfund last week?

- One loan was fully subscribed 
- €140,000 was raised

Fully subscribed loan
Loan #976755 in Cardiff, the United Kingdom, went live on Thursday the 12th of May at 09:00 CET on the platform. This loan was fully subscribed within 1 day, 5 hours and 36 minutes. The target amount was €140,000 with a yearly interest of 11%. For more detailed information about this loan, click here

Also today a new loan with 10% interest was published on the platform. Don´t miss this current investment opportunity!


Our year-to-date numbers:
Total amount activated: €23,310,800
- Total amount repaid: €2,284,800
- Total defaults: 0%

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