The loan that broke the internet

The loan that broke the internet

On Sunday, the 23rd of October, Max Crowdfund published a loan, expecting it to be popular but not expecting quite so much activity on the platform!

Loan #1431864, for a property in Wiesbaden, central Western Germany, is the first loan on Max Crowdfund to offer a whopping 20% annual interest. The loan was relatively small (€160,000), and with over 700 people* on the platform, we, unfortunately, had to disappoint people as the loan was filled within 2 hours and 26 minutes by 56 investors.

Max Crowdfund has encountered a similar situation before, as many of its most popular loans fill in minutes, but this was unprecedented and actually resulted in the system becoming completely overwhelmed, causing a certain amount of chaos.

New Max Crowdfund platform

As many of you know, we are busy developing a new platform. In addition, we are already working on building the platform in such a way that we can handle a large wave of investors, which is in line with our vision for the future. We would like to become a large platform with projects from different countries. The new platform is expected to be ready at the end of Q1 or early Q2 of 2023.

We place great investment opportunities in Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands weekly to make all investors happy. This way, you can continue investing if you have missed a loan. Our goal is to keep everyone happy, which is why we are busy with different daily projects. This way, we can continue to offer the best projects.

*According to Google Analytics traffic

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