Supporting charity with the 'Lilou Foundation'

Supporting charity with the 'Lilou Foundation'

We have all seen the terrible news of recent weeks regarding the war in Ukraine and the huge number of refugees moving from Ukraine to various countries, but specifically to Poland. We've been wanting to support a charity for a while now and we think we've found the right one. In this article, we will explain why we chose this charity.

The charity that we will officially support from now on is the 'Lilou Foundation'. Over the past ten years, they have been involved in various charitable projects. Since 2021, they have been focusing their charity on orphans in Poland. Given the current situation in Ukraine, the foundation has now extended this to orphans and single mothers from Ukraine.

On their website, you can view the different projects they support. Here you will also find their bank account number in case you would like to make a donation.

The charity is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and even the director is not receiving wages from the charity, meaning all contributions go where they should. If you would like to contribute, it will be greatly appreciated.