Investing in real estate with a high return and a low risk: it is possible!

Investing in real estate with a high return and a low risk: it is possible!

This is an article originally published in the Financieel Dagblad (Dutch paper) and on Analyse Nederland.

It has probably not escaped anyone's attention that the real estate market is booming at the moment. For the time being, it seemed only to be reserved for the wealthy elite, not a market to play in itself. In addition to the lack of transparency and guarantee, a sky-high threshold also hinders many investors.

Max Crowdfund wants to change that for good. According to the CEO of Max Crowdfund Felix Berkhout, the platform was started out of frustration. ''High returns usually come with high risks, which quickly leads to shady funds. This causes frustration, which is why we came up with Max Crowdfund. Here we allow certainties and attractive returns to go hand in hand.” How do they do this? Max Crowdfund offers the stones as collateral. In addition, no more than 90% of the foreclosure value is lent out. This together ensures that the risk can remain low. ''You will not be bothered by the entire 'flip process', the process of purchasing, renovating and selling, because you invest in one project together with other investors.”

Accessible to everyone

The platform has an entry fee of €100 so that people who are not swimming in the money can also benefit from nice returns. With an average return of 9.30% and the certainty of the stones, it offers a great outcome for everyone. The projects have different durations, with an average duration of 15 months. Anyone who can spare some money for a number of months and who wants to receive a monthly return is in the right place at Max Crowdfund.Jan en Felix bewerkt-1

Everyone participates

Even the employees of Max Crowdfund are fully involved. They call it 'Skin in the game'. This includes Jan Angel, Business Development Manager at Max Crowdfund, who co-invests in projects with every loan, insofar as his capital allows. Berkhout: “But this is absolutely not mandatory. They want it because they see it working. Regular customers also see this and that is why many of our projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom are financed within a few minutes. People want to be there early and that's nice to see."

High return, low risk

That all sounds very appealing. Isn't it all too good to be true? “Of course, every investment carries a certain amount of risk. But we never borrow real estate as collateral more than 90 percent of the foreclosure value of a property. This is always lower than the market value and then we are below that. So it must be very strange if the investor does not get his money back when the term of the loan has expired. This is precisely the reason that the platform has a 100% success rate for the time being. The average term is fifteen months, but you can choose which term you feel comfortable with. Anyone who can spare some money for a few months and wants to add a monthly return in return has come to the right place.”

Transparent and promising

The platform is the first crowdfund party on blockchain technology with a license. “With your own portfolio on the online dashboard, you can easily compose the projects in which you invest and everything is fully automatic. You can start small to see how it works and if it suits you. It is up to you to determine whether you want to invest even more in order to achieve more returns. Our goal was to make investing in real estate accessible and transparent for everyone, and we succeeded. We, therefore, hope that many other interested parties will earn money with stones, with equal opportunities and that the lack of transparency in the investment world will become a thing of the past.”

Max Crowdfund puts an end to the lack of transparency in the investment world and there are equal opportunities for every investor. Create an account on Max Crowdfund and become a real estate investor today.