Blockchain Powered Real Estate Crowdfunding Hits New Zealand

Blockchain Powered Real Estate Crowdfunding Hits New Zealand

Max Property Group, is partnering with Kirk Pullar to launch a New Zealand real estate crowdfunding platform powered by Blockchain Technology.Max Property Group , the developer of the leading global crowdfunding platform, Max Crowdfund, today announces a strategic partnership within New Zealand.  As part of Max Crowdfund’s global expansion, the fintech platform built on blockchain technology is launching in New Zealand under the name Max Crowdfund NZ Agency Limited.

The launch of Max Crowdfund in New Zealand will allow investors to access high-quality real estate backed investment opportunities with a uniquely low entry level of NZ$100. Whilst granting project developers across the country access to fast and effective alternative financing.


In July 2020, Max Crowdfund achieved Dutch Financial Authorities (AFM) approval to become the first blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform. The platform has raised several million Euros in alternative finance for real estate projects since opening the platform to third-party developers in October 2020. Now, the company is launching a global expansion program, partnering with carefully vetted companies around the world.

“Max Crowdfund was designed as a global resource for investors and real estate professionals alike. Having achieved proof of concept in Europe, the technology is now ready to be rolled out to other jurisdictions. We are really excited about disrupting the New Zealand property market,” says Max Crowdfund’s Head of Development, Erwin van Kekem.

Max Crowdfund offers a highly automated investment procedure that makes property investing accessible, easy and convenient. For example, self-certification as an eligible investor via the platform can be done quickly and simply online. As opposed to the lengthy paperwork methods of the past.

“Real estate investing has entered a new, digital era. With more people working and making financial moves from home, online platforms such as Max Crowdfund are becoming infinitely more desirable,” continues Kekem.


Max Crowdfund NZ Agency Limited’s Director Kirk Pullar, Development Manager at Redwood Group, a New Zealand property developer with over NZ$ 1 Billion of projects completed, says:

‘’New Zealand is a dynamic forward-thinking country. We believe eligible investors will catch on and embrace real estate backed crowdfunding relatively quickly. They are very much going to like what they see, and we look forward to that.”

Max Crowdfund also aims to be an important resource to project developers in New Zealand. A country where achieving development finance is notoriously difficult. Past projects released on the Max Crowdfund platform in Europe achieved their funding goals in as little as a few hours.

“Rather than spending months applying for a bank loan that may not be granted, property-backed projects of any kind can now apply for funding and/or equity investment, whether people are looking for a few hundred thousand, or a few million dollars,” continues Pullar.

The platform is currently undergoing final adaptations to the New Zealand market, such as the addition of the NZ$ to the system. With a view to launching with full functionality in March 2021.


Max Crowdfund is under development since 2018 by Max Property Group. The platform is a fintech resource that streamlines the investment process through automation and connects property investors with project developers. The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency by recording all transactions performed by users logged into the system.

Max Crowdfund became the first regulated blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform in the world. Max Crowdfund is currently operational in three countries: the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The platform has raised a total of €1.709.000 with an average return of 7,92%. This is since being allowed to list third party loans in October 2020. Platform users can invest in real estate from as little as €100. This is in line with the company’s mission, “making real estate investment accessible to everyone”. Developers can access alternative finance from registered platform users.


A seasoned property professional, Kirk resides in Queenstown, New Zealand. He holds the position of Development Manager for the New Zealand real estate developer, Redwood Group. The group has completed over NZ$ 1 billion of projects. He holds several company directorships and is a member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand.


Max Property Group was founded by a group of real estate professionals who share a vision to make the property industry transparent and accessible to all. Having personally financed a test case, its founders set up a number of investment funds in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. Aiming to streamline the investment process and reduce entry barriers, the group developed an automated, multilingual investment platform with the added security of blockchain technology. They called it Max Crowdfund.

 Written by: Julia van der Kooij