Property Presentation London 29 October

Property Presentation London 29 October

On Monday the 29th of October at 18:30 we are inviting up to 50 people to come and meet Dominium Director and co-Founder Mark Lloyd, and other team members, at the Park Plaza County Hall Hotel in London. Mark will be presenting Max Property Group’s Property Funds as well as the Dominium Project, so anyone that would like to meet, ask any questions in person, invest in one of the Property Funds or buy DOM tokens is welcome to join.

The presentation will start at 19:00 sharp, so we ask everyone to be there between 18:30 and 19:00 for a cup of coffee. The presentation will take no more than 60 minutes after which there will be a Q&A session for another 60 minutes maximum.

Anyone that wants to have a one-on-one with Mark or other members of staff afterwards is more than welcome to stay. If you would like to make an investment, please ensure you have already created an account on Dominium and passed Clearance Levels 1 and 2.

To make this event even more interesting, we are awarding 500 DOM tokens to the first 25 people that RSVP directly on

There will also be a special offer for people who are willing to invest on the day, which is:

  • No emission fee (normally 2%) on any investment made in a Max Property Fund plus a 2.5% discount on the investment amount
  • 50% bonus on any DOM tokens order made during the event and paid for in GBP

We look forward to seeing you at the Park Plaza Hotel.