MPG Token Update

MPG Token Update

MPG To MPGS Exchange

Max Crowdfund users who purchased MPG tokens as part of the pre-ITO and ITO Phase I in 2018 and have requested their tokens to be exchanged for MPGS tokenised shares are now starting to be converted.

MPGS represent Max Property Group B.V. share certificates, as will be reflected in the official share register of the company. The tokenised shares have the same rights to profit and company ownership as normal shares but have no voting rights. These shares will be controlled by a STAK or a Cooperative, which is a Dutch Foundation.

In order to convert MPG to MPGS, European token holders must have passed clearance level 2, and holders residing outside of Europe must have achieved clearance level 3 on the Max Crowdfund platform. Please ensure you have met these clearance levels so as not to delay the process.

More information about MPG to MPGS conversion

MPG Trading Competitions Winners To Be Announced

The Max Property Group trading competitions launched on the 1st of October 2019 on the Stex and Probit exchanges have come to an end, having completed on the 29th of October.

The first prize of a property bond to the value of €1,000 will be announced shortly, once trading volumes have been confirmed by the participating exchanges. The property bond represents €1,000 of property in Germany and receives 8% interest per year, or 2% per quarter, plus a profit share when the property portfolio is sold. The next highest traders up to 50th place on the exchanges (as listed below) will be awarded MPG tokens, which will be distributed directly by the participating exchanges.


  1. First place: 1 MPD token (a €1,000 bond earning 8% fixed interest per year. Clearance Level 2 required on
  2. Second place: 25,000 MPG
  3. Third place: 15,000 MPG
  4. Fourth place: 10,000 MPG
  5. Fifth place 7,500 MPG
  6. Places 6–10: 5,000 MPG
  7. Places 11–25: 2,500 MPG
  8. Places 26–100: 1,000 MPG