Max Property Group: Newsletter February 2021

Max Property Group: Newsletter February 2021

Zuytland Buiten is located near Rotterdam. The park has been operational since 2005. The holiday park will expand from the current 105 to 181 units, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

On the 6th of February, the project was highlighted in the program “Doe maar Duurzaam!” on Dutch national television (RTL Z). It provided a clear picture of the park and the possibilities for purchasing a holiday home.

At the moment, more than 10% of the units have already been reserved. Don’t wait too long and put yourself on the waiting list as soon as possible. The higher you are on the list, the greater the range from which to choose.

You can reserve a holiday home via the website of Max Crowdfund. Create an account and easily reserve your lot at the Zuytland Buiten holiday park.

Max Crowdfund Blockchain Update

Early this week all verified users received a new blockchain wallet in which each individual’s MPGS and MPD holdings are shown. The next task is to create the MCF token, which will replace the MPG tokens.

When this is ready, you will receive the MCF Tokens in your wallets. This will only serve to confirm your holdings as these tokens will not be transferable.

After this has been completed we will start the process of creating the MCF token as a transferable and tradeable token, so people can start trading again.

In the meantime, we will keep collecting the 0.1% investment fee when people make investments on Max Crowdfund and this money will be used to buy back and burn MCF tokens, as was always our intention.

Apply for funding

Did you know that you can quickly and easily arrange to finance the purchase of real estate, renovation projects, transformation projects, and project development via Max Crowdfund?

Max Crowdfund: Global Expansion

We have now signed several Joint Venture agreements and can announce that we will go live in New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK in 2021. We are also actively talking to parties in the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Australia to name a few.

You can read more about this in the blog that we wrote about expanding to New Zealand.

MPF I Fund Update

In our January newsletter, we wrote that the payments of the MPF I Fund were being prepared. We are now happy to confirm that the profit share has been paid out to all the MPF I investors.

The MPF I Fund has received an annual average return of 14%. We are, of course, really proud of this achievement.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij