Max Property Group: Newsletter April 2021

Max Property Group: Newsletter April 2021

An Equity Round of Max Property Group will be launched shortly, giving you an unique opportunity to invest in what may be the next Dutch “Unicorn”.

The intention for the Series A Round is to raise €4,25 million. The raised money will be used for the global expansion of Max Crowdfund and to further improve the group’s internal infrastructure and processes.

You will find more information about the equity round and the forecast of the shares on this page. On the page, you can fill in your details and participate in the equity round. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The Fuutstraat Is Closing

After 6 months, the first project to be featured on the Max Crowdfund platform, Fuutstraat 6b, is finally finished and will be paid back to all the investors. Therefore, everyone who invested will receive both their capital and any remaining interests on their personal Max Crowdfund account.

The targeted amount of this loan was €174.000 and was fully subscribed within 6 days and 4 hours. The money was used for the purchase, the renovation and furnishing of the Fuutstraat 6b apartment in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

If you invested in this project, you could re-invest your money in one of the loans currently published on the platform. These projects are summarized below.

The Belgium Loan is 35%+ Subscribed

The Antwerp project is for more than 35% subscribed. The plan is to completely renovate the property. The target amount of €975.000 has a term of 20 months. Besides, the interest per annum is 8% and will be paid out every month. The loan is backed by a first charge on the mortgage and additional securities.

A New Loan In The UK Is Live

A new loan for a 10-bedroom conversion project of a property in Birmingham, United Kingdom, is live on Max Crowdfund. For instance, the loan is backed by a first charge on the mortgage and a personal guarantee of the fundraiser. To realize this the fundraiser Micky Singh is looking to raise €350,000 for a period of 18 months.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij