MPG Listed On Binance And CoinMarketCap

MPG Listed On Binance And CoinMarketCap

The MPG coin, Max Property Group’s utility coin, is now listed on several leading exchanges and information sites. Here is a list of where to buy, trade and stalk MPG.

Listing and Information

MPG has been added to the Binance information website, which is an important step in the process of adding the MPG token to the Binance exchange. The applications to list on the Binance exchange and Launchpad have now been made and we hope to see MPGs being traded on Binance shortly.

In addition to the Binance listing, Max Property Group’s (MPG) information has been added to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, so important data about the MPG token can now be found on two of the most established and trusted information sources in the cryptocurrency space. Additionally, MPG has been added to token tracking applications such as CoinstatsBlockfolioDelta and various similar apps.


MPG is now being traded on several exchanges, with available trading pairs as follows:

Stex exchange: BTC and ETH
P2PB2B exchange: BTCETH and USD

MPG will also soon be listed on the Turkish exchange, Sistemkoin as well as GDAC, an exchange based in Korea.