The Biggest Milestones Of Max Crowdfund In 2021

The Biggest Milestones Of Max Crowdfund In 2021

It’s the 31st of December, which means that the year 2021 has come to an end. A lot has happened this year and it was our first full year of operating the real estate crowdfunding platform Max crowdfund. In this article, we will discuss the biggest milestones that Max Crowdfund has reached this year.

Max Crowdfund’s Global Expansion

One of the biggest accomplishments we had this year, is the Max Crowdfund platform in New Zealand. Due to Covid-19, many procedures have unfortunately been delayed. This meant that we could only go live with the NZ platform later than planned. In November, the platform went finally live in New Zealand and in December we published the first loan. The loan is already fully subscribed thanks to the 12 investors who participated. Our Exclusive Service Provider Kirk Pullar already has a number of interesting projects in the pipeline. So in 2022, we will also publish a lot of new loans in New Zealand.

We have signed contracts with different countries, like Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the UK. Moreover, we are in (advanced) discussions with partners in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the US, South Africa and various other countries. Our biggest goal is to have the Max Crowdfund platform up and running in every interesting country worldwide, where all our investors can invest in real estate projects in different countries.

The platform is growing bigger

The Max Crowdfund platform is up and running since September 2020. Since the start of the platform, we have already raised more than €11 million in total. This is due to the 43 active investment opportunities now on the platform. This year we offered loans in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and mostly the UK. We have not yet had any defaults, something we are very happy with. In addition, our active customer base has grown by 400% in just 3 months. This is partly due to an interesting article about Max Crowdfund in De Financiële Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper). We currently have 754 active investors.

A successful Equity Round

We have not only raised €11+ million with the real estate loans, but we also raised €4,25 million through our Equity Round. Capital is required for the growth of the real estate platform and that is why we started the equity round. Just before last summer, €2,750,000 has already been raised from hundreds of investors in just two months. During the summer, sales were temporarily halted to process this overwhelming interest. After the summer we continued and in a few months, we raised the remaining €1,500,000. We will use the capital to expand to the EU, UK, NZ and AUS. We are grateful to everyone who participated in our equity round. Thanks to them we can realize our international vision.

The MCF Token

2021 was the year that we worked hard on our MCF Token. The company first had the MPG Tokens, but from the 1st of June this year (2021), these tokens are no longer valid. The MCF Token is our new tradable token since that moment and was created on the Binance Smart Chain. On the 24th of June, we had our first official Token Burn. Today, we already had five official Token Burns. Besides, the MCF Token is listed on Pancakeswap and Stex after only six months. An achievement we are very pleased with.

All in all, we had a fantastic first year, in which both the platform and the team here at the office in Rotterdam grew enormously. We want to thank our investors and fundraisers for their trust in our platform. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are now. We hope that we can still meet their expectations in the future and more. For now we wish everyone a happy new year!