May newsletter

May newsletter

In May €1,440,000 was raised
Two loans were fully subscribed in May. One of them was a large German loan of €1,300,000. This concerns loan #884887 Bad Honnef. 579 investors funded this loan in 11 days, 11 hours and 4 minutes. The other loan that was funded concerns loan #976755 Cardiff in the United Kingdom. With this loan, €140,000 was raised by 132 investors.

Max Crowdfund Numbers
Total raised in May: €1,440,000
Total activated in May: €2,259,000
Total repaid in May: €111,000


What happened on the platform in May? 
May was a very dynamic month at Max Crowdfund. So much happened and our team certainly did not sit still. Unfortunately, the platform experienced a number of IT issues, which now have mostly been resolved. We summarize it for you:

- Loans could not be published on the website. This is currently resolved.
- Fortunately, it is now possible to extend the loans on the platform again. Mainly for the English loans it is necessary to extend a number of loans, because of the delays at the English Land Registry. Certain renewals have not yet been executed, so interest payment may be delayed. We are working hard to renew all loans where necessary.
- Unfortunately, a number of investors experienced problems with a correct display of the balance. We can conclude that also this has been resolved and that all balances are correct again in the accounts of our investors.
- Various loans have been repaid in the meantime. You have now also received this money in your account.
- As you may have read before, not all outstanding loans are visible. You can only see everything if you are logged in. In addition, the total amount raised is showing incorrectly on the website. We are now working hard to resolve these issues. As soon as this has been solved, we will of course let you know in a next update email.
- A live Q&A took place on the 2nd of June. We are currently busy processing the subtitles, so that everyone understands what has been said. We are expecting to be able to send the correct version next week.

Blog articles we wrote in May
We wrote many articles in May, such as: 

A blog about investing in real estate for beginners. Would you like to invest in real estate, but you don't know how? In this blog you will find tips & tricks about entering the real estate world.
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An article about investment costs. Transparency is very important. As an investor you do not want to encounter any hidden costs. We wrote a blog about the costs and discounts for you as an investor.
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