Max Property Group Technology Update November 2019

Max Property Group Technology Update November 2019

MPGS security token and Max Crowdfund 2.0

To date, 275,000 EUR worth of MPG tokens have been exchanged for MPGS security tokens. Nearly 4,9 million MPG tokens have been burned from the exchange, resulting in a total of 220 million MPG now having been burned representing 22% of the tokens issued in January.

Do you still own MPG tokens purchased during the (pre) ITO in 2018? Make sure you let us know if you want to swap them before the end of November by going to

Additional MPGS security tokens have been purchased, resulting in over 200,000 MPGS tokens or 300,000 EUR worth now in circulation. The top 100 shareholders can be viewed here:

Max Crowdfund 2.0

We are still on track to launch the completely renewed Max Crowdfund 2.0 platform once we have received licensing approval from the Dutch financial authorities (expected in January 2020). At the same time we will also launch the first version of our Investor App, which will be available on Android and iOS. This will allow users to invest in international real estate from as little as 100 EUR at a time, from almost anywhere and from almost any device.

Once AFM approval has been received, the platform will be opened to third party investment projects, who will be able to list their properties on Max Crowdfund and raise money for their projects. This will initially only be available to companies, with properties located in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. We will add other countries in the future as we expand our operations.

Proper due diligence and risk assessment will be done on the fundraisers and their projects on behalf of Max Crowdfund investors. Once approved, the project will be listed on the Max Crowdfund platform and app. Investment opportunities will be in the form of a property-backed loan and will pay out an annual interest of 3% to 10% with flexible repayment options from 6 months up to 10 years. Fundraisers may also offer a share of the profit made from the value increase of the property realised after the loan expires.

MPG will introduce investing in property as partial ownership sometime next year, which will be a crowdfunding structure-based completely on profit sharing. More information about that to follow.

Due to regulatory limitations, Dutch residents and qualified international investors only will be allowed to invest initially, but we will add more countries in the future in line with our licensing application strategy. EU countries will be applied to first, with other jurisdictions being added and ultimately resulting in Max Crowdfund becoming a global real estate crowdfunding platform, allowing everyone everywhere to invest in real estate.

All information provided by the fundraiser as well as the result of the risk assessment performed by Max Crowdfund will be provided in a standard format for investors to review and make informed investment decisions. Our Security Agent will establish and manage the collateral provided on behalf of investors. Even in the unlikely event that Max Crowdfund (Max Property Group) were to stop trading for any reason, all operations would continue, and investment money would be secured as well as all collateral.

Security Safeguards

Both on the Max Crowdfund website and App, users will be able to track investments, check their portfolio performance and manage their accounts.

Users can protect their accounts from unwanted access by activating two-factor authentication (2FA) using either SMS or Google Authenticator.

Funds can only be withdrawn to a bank account held in the user’s name registered by making a bank transfer from that account.

Other transactions including downloading wallet information are protected, requiring personal confirmation as defined in the preferences to complete.

If someone were to gain access to a users account, no harm can be done other than personal information being exposed (which is why we advise everyone to activate 2FA).

More information will be available at launch via the Max Crowdfund help centre that will be available in multiple languages on our website. Please note that not all functionality available online will be included in the Investor App at launch. We will continue development to have similar functionality available as offered to investors online. Support to raise funds on Max Crowdfund is and will only be offered online.