Max Property Group Interview By Bitcoin Magazine

Max Property Group Interview By Bitcoin Magazine

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Max Property Group’s Max Crowdfund Real Estate Platform Goes Live

Crypto Alert — Since the beginning of 2018 Max Property Group has been working on the development of Crowdfund platform Max Crowdfund . The platform offers real estate-related products, based on loans, bonds or participations in a company. Max Property Group is the founder of Max Property Fund I , Max Property Deutschland , Max Property Group UK and Max Property Fund II.

Platform goes live

The first real estate (bond) fund, Max Property Fund I, soon filled completely. Three new funds have now been created, which serve for the diversification of the portfolio, as well the first products to be listed on the new crowdfund platform.

The marketing of the funds was discontinued in early 2018 following a decision to automate the process on the new platform. A project such as Max Crowdfund is not set up in a few months, and the group now finds itself in the moment where the platform is live, and marketing has now re-started again.

Real estate fund on the blockchain

Esther Dekker , real estate director and founder of Max Property Group says: “Automating investment and financing processes is a logical step for the group. By automating both the issuance and the investing, the costs of acquisition are greatly reduced. Higher returns can also be realised and the minimum contribution can be reduced to €1,000.”

Max Crowdfund is unique in the sense that it is developed on Ardor ‘s blockchain technology (a decentralised ledger) . CTO Erwin van Keken and Sales and Marketing Manager at Max Property Group Gudo Thijssen were recently interviewed by Wessel Simons from The interviews can be viewed below.

Three steps for a completely regulated crowdfunding platform

Jacco van Herwaarden , founder of Confidon and compliance advisor of Max Property Group says, “Setting up a fully regulated crowdfund platform is achieved in three steps. The first step is an exemption for mediating in repayable funds for loan-based products. The second step is to obtain a license as an investment firm. This means that financial instruments (such as bonds) may also be placed for third parties. As a third and final step, approval as an Organized Trading Facility (OTF) is required. After completing the second step, Max Crowdfund starts the expansion to all EU countries. In order to guarantee continuity and legal certainty to investors, Max Property Group establishes an independent trust agent and a third-party funds foundation.”

CTO Erwin van Kekem adds, “Once the third party funds and associated bank accounts have been set up, we can automate the entire investment process. After automating the KYC process, it is possible to quickly link a bank account to an account. This includes depositing or withdrawing current account and investing in financial products. And with a minimum amount of human activity. This not only means that it will be much faster and cheaper, but also that the user experience will be much better thanks to smart technology.”

Max Property Group expects to obtain the license as an investment company in 2019 and to launch at least 3 additional investment products on Max Crowdfund.

Watch the interviews with CTO Erwin van Kekem and Gudo Thijssen (Audio Dutch, English subtitles)