Max Property Group 2022 Recap

Max Property Group 2022 Recap

What a year!

2022 has been the most successful year yet for Max Property Group and the Max Crowdfund platform. The Max Crowdfund platform has attracted over 3,000 active users, posted over 90 loans and raised over 30M Euros in the last 12 months. Max Crowdfund won the prestigious CashCow award for best crowdfunding platform 2022 and took on 28 new employees. Max Property Group completed its 5 Million Euro Series A equity round, raising the final 750,000 Euros in just two weeks during December 2022. 

Some Quick Figures

The shortest time taken for a loan to fill on the Max Crowdfund platform was just two minutes, with several loans filled in five minutes or less and more than 20 loans filled in 15 minutes or less. The largest loan posted on the platform was for 1.34 Million Euros, filled in just 20 hours and ten minutes. Tens of loans were completed and repaid to investors, and there have still been no defaulted loans to date.  

New Staff Members

In order to keep up with all this success, the company took on additional staff in every department, most notably in the loan analysis department and in the software development team.  In total, 26 new staff members joined the team in 2022.

Five members joined the financial team, including Casper van Noort as Financial Controller.  We also welcomed three new people to the marketing team, two in compliance, including Chieng-Hin Chong as the new head of the department. No less than 14 programmers, user interface and infrastructure specialists were employed within the IT department, led by Grant Clark as Head of IT. 

Max Property Group Equity Round 

Following some staff changes, a limited amount of Max Property Group shares were returned to the company, making them available for existing and new investors.  The re-sale and distribution of these shares was permitted under the AFM exemption to complete the 5 Million Euros Series A equity round. 

The remaining shares were sold in just two weeks and the final amount of 750,000 Euros was raised.  A Series B Equity Round is planned for 2023 at a new company valuation once the ECSP license has been obtained and the Maximise software has been launched successfully.