Max Crowdfund Is First Project To Earn A Perfect Score on Xangle

Max Crowdfund Is First Project To Earn A Perfect Score on Xangle

Xangle, the most accurate disclosure platform for crypto assets, announces the first ever project to achieve a score of 63/63

Press Release — 29/08/2019- Rotterdam- Xangle by CrossAngle is a highly credited disclosure blockchain platform. The world-renowned Korean platform is entrusted by the likes of Bithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, to increase the credibility of its coin listings. Xangle has re-interpreted the standards set by traditional financial markets’ public disclosure platforms such as EDGAR and international credit rating corporates such as S&P, Moody’s and Fitch to and adapted them to the blockchain space.

Xangle gathers 63 data points, covering both token data and general company information such as Directors, equity information and revenues. Max Property Group is the first company to score a full 63 out of 63 according to Xangle’s standard for data disclosure.

“We wish that all companies would provide information so openly and transparently. Max Property Group should be the benchmark for disclosure in the blockchain space, says” Hae Min Park, Managing Director of Xangle.

Max Property Group is an established property company with its headquarters in the Netherlands. The group has been working on a blockchain-based project, Max Crowdfund, since 2016. Max Crowdfund is a regulated, international crowdfunding platform offering high quality, property-backed investments from just €1,000. Thanks to its commitment to transparency, its longevity in the property market and audited financials, the group managed to achieve a perfect score on the Xangle platform.

“Our work on the Max Crowdfund platform has been largely motivated by bringing more transparency to the global property market, so we are delighted that our own transparency as a company has been noticed and communicated in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) space too,” says Managing Director Mark Lloyd.

We believe information is key to protecting investors and for the crypto asset market to transition from today’s speculative investment environment to a more rational and legitimate environment. Information is one of the major causes of speculation. By practising disclosure on Xangle, we are tackling information distortion and ensuring our investors get all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Our team went through a strict due diligence process by Xangle to publish a separate Due Diligence Report that will be made available to Xangle’s partnered exchanges such as Bithumb, Coinone, Bitpoint, to name a few.. Exchanges will use this institutional-grade report to perform a continuous evaluation of the Max Property Group project. Says Co-founder/COO Hae Min Park of Xangle.

About Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund is a decentralised, regulated, property financing, property listing, and property management platform; an international real estate crowdfunding platform on which regulatory documentation for property funding is standardised and assets are placed on the blockchain alongside property sales, rentals, and management. The Max Crowdfund platform is built on an Ardor child chain. This child chain decentralises the trade of assets and places rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks, and more on the blockchain. After obtaining the required regulatory licenses, this will allow companies to create regulatory compliant assets, with standardised documentation (provided by Max Crowdfund’s legal team), that can be purchased by Max Crowdfund account holders. Assets created on the blockchain will be completely transparent and the asset tokens will be tradable on the Max Crowdfund platform thus making them liquid. Max Crowdfund is owned by Max Property Group, which in turn owns a portfolio of property assets generating revenues ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform. Max Crowdfund will operate two types of tokens. The child chain’s native token is called MPG, a utility token that users use to pay for fees when registering transactions on the Max Property Group blockchain whilst using the Max Crowdfund platform. The regulatory-compliant assets created on Max Crowdfund form the second type of token, as they will represent property funds, bonds, loan notes, project finance, etc. and as such will be security tokens.

About Xangle

Xangle is a public information disclosure platform that aims to bring legitimacy to the global crypto asset market. Although it serves as a raw data platform for the general public, it also provides due diligence for exchanges and institutional-grade reports for the traditional corporates based on its comprehensive information framework.

The standard for data disclosure is based on the framework of the traditional financial market’s public disclosure platforms such as ESMA (European Union), EDGAR (US), and international credit rating corporates (S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s, Fitch), which have been reinterpreted to meet the needs of the crypto market.

Xangle provides reliable and comprehensive information including both token data and corporate information, to enable the intrinsic valuation of projects. It brings many projects, exchanges and investors together in one place, enabling effective information discovery.

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