Max Crowdfund continues to break records

Max Crowdfund continues to break records
Max Crowdfund has successfully raised over €21 million for real estate developers and has over 7,000 registered platform users. The platform also raised €4.25 million in a share issue in 2021 and uses this money efficiently, as the transaction volume has already increased tenfold within a year. With this massive growth, Max Crowdfund continues to break records and the platform had a fantastic start of 2022.

On January 10, 2022, the platform raised €786,500 in one day. Shortly afterwards, two new records were set within one loan: a total of €1.24 million was raised by 421 investors in 22 days for one real estate project. This was the largest loan to date and was subscribed by the largest number of investors. On April 6, 2022, three loans went live on the platform. The first loan was published at 9:00 am and was fully subscribed by 160 investors within an hour. The second loan, published at noon, was fully subscribed by 107 investors within seven minutes. Last but not least, the third loan of the day went live at 2pm and was fully subscribed by 99 investors within two minutes. This again shows that new records are being set.

The Dutch and New Zealand financial authorities have currently authorized the Max Crowdfund platform to market real estate-backed loans in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The future goal is to publish larger loans in as many countries as possible. To achieve this, Max Crowdfund will submit its EU Crowdfunding license application. With this license Max Crowdfund can expand to all EU countries and offer investment opportunities to all EU citizens.

The successfully completed share issue was for this exact expansion program. Max Crowdfund works with local partners in every interesting country. “Ultimately, with our joint venture model, we want to launch Max Crowdfund in every country where possible,” says CEO Felix Berkhout.