June newsletter: what happened on the platform last month?

June newsletter: what happened on the platform last month?

€3,451,000 was raised in June
11 loans were funded in June, including one large UK loan of €830,000. This concerns loan #917968 in Old Windsor, the United Kingdom. 307 investors funded this loan in 22 days, 20 hours and 8 minutes.

Max Crowdfund numbers
Total raised in June: €3,451,000
Total activated in June: €3,291,000


What happened on the platform in June?
In June, our team worked extremely hard to resolve the platform issues. We are pleased to announce that the majority of the issues have now been resolved.

- Most IT problems are currently resolved. We have eliminated the backlog of debtors. We did this by making a number of manual interest payments. If this applies to your portfolio, you have also received an email about this.
- In the meantime, four different loans have been repaid. You have now also received this money in your account.
- We had to cancel a number of loans due to the fact that these were not fully subscribed in time.  Initially this was technically impossible, but this has now been resolved. All investors have now received their investment back into their account.

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