Investment costs: we explain it to you!

Investment costs: we explain it to you!

Investing in real estate via a crowdfunding platform involves costs for an investor. Max Crowdfund values transparency and ensures that there are never hidden costs for the investor. In this article, we have described all costs and discounts for an investor.

Admin fee

We deduct an amount of 0.1% from the interest that our investors receive, the so-called admin fee. This is the only cost to an investor and is to cover the administration costs. The admin fee ultimately affects your gross interest rate, this is explained below:

If the interest on a loan is 10% on an annual basis, we speak of a gross interest rate. With the management costs of 0.1% per month, you as an investor pay 1.2% on an annual basis in management costs. With a gross interest of 10% per year, you ultimately have a nice 8.8% in net interest per year.

Loyalty program

At Max Crowdfund, we offer our investors the opportunity to receive a discount on the admin fee through the loyalty program. This program is designed to reward our most active investors. In addition, we want to encourage our investors to spread their investments in multiple investment options. The program looks like this:


10% discount when participating in 25 opportunities

or at least €25,000 invested.

20% discount when participating in 50 opportunities

or at least €75,000 invested.

30% discount when participating in 75 opportunities

or at least €150,000 invested.


40% discount when participating in 150 opportunities

or at least €300,000 invested.

50% discount when participating in 300 opportunities

or at least €500,000 invested.

As soon as you have reached one of the above statuses, you will receive the corresponding discount on the monthly administration costs. It is important to know that you only receive the discount on the investments made from that moment on.

The discount is calculated and applied when the investment opportunity is activated and is valid for the entire term of the investment opportunity. The discount is shown in the repayment schedule with your investment and in Appendix C of the relevant investment agreement.

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