A day on the IEX Beleggersdag

A day on the IEX Beleggersdag

On the first of July, 2022, it was finally time for the IEX Beleggersdag. Max Crowdfund was one of the sponsors of the day and had a nice stand at the fair. In this article, we will take you back to this day.

At 9 AM, the doors opened and the enthusiastic investors could walk in. The day started with an official opening, followed by an interview with Prince Constantijn van Oranje. The entire day was of course dominated by investing and the different types of investing. There were several exhibitors, such as ABN AMRO (A Dutch bank), asset managers, brokers and of course us as a real estate crowdfunding platform. Interesting sessions were planned throughout the day with key speakers from the Dutch investment world, such as CEOs, top specialists and analysts.

Our own Felix Berkhout and Jan Angel also got the chance to explain our platform during a presentation. The presentation started by demonstrating the platform through a live investment in an outstanding loan. In this way, all candidates could immediately see how the platform works and how easy it is to make an investment. The presentation was continued with more substantive information about the platform. To have a fun ending to the presentation, Felix and Jan asked the audience some questions, where the participant with the correct answer could win a nice prize.

After the presentation, many people came to the stand to ask substantive questions about the platform. It was a day full of inspiring speakers, pleasant visitors and interesting conversations. This was the first time in ages that Max Crowdfund was on a fair again and will certainly not be the last time. Will we see you at our stand next time?


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