Global Expansion with Joint Ventures

Global Expansion with Joint Ventures
A joint venture is a form of cooperation between two or more parties. This is possible in the same country or with a foreign country. It’s a business agreement in which two or more parties combine resources on a project or service. In a joint venture parties consciously choose not to merge to maintain their own identity. Most of the time the parties who decide to merge, give up their own identity.

The joint venture is often set up for a special project. It also can be a long-term business connection between the parties. This would be a strategic alliance.

There are a few advantages of joint ventures:

  • Cost savings. One of the benefits of this type of business relationship centres on the acquisition of (shared) resources without an outlay of capital. Both companies or parties can leverage their production at a lower per-unit cost than they would separately. This is particularly appropriate with technology advances that are costly to implement. Other cost savings could be sharing advertising or labour costs.
  • Combined expertise. Two or more companies or parties forming a joint venture can benefit from the other’s expertise and talent within their company or party.
  • Resources. The joint venture can take advantage of the combined resources of both companies or parties.
  • Global expansion. One of the biggest advantages of joint ventures is global expansion. It’s not necessary to open new offices all around the world. This makes it more efficient. It’s possible to work together all around the world with foreign companies or parties, whereby you don’t need an office.

Joint Ventures and Max Property Group

Max Property Group is always looking to expand by signing up exclusive partners. Max Crowdfund provides the crowdfunding platform with fully automated processes. The platform allows the exclusive partner to concentrate on bringing on projects and investors in their own country. This in turn allows MPG to expand rapidly, without opening offices in several countries. In this way, Max Property Group can work with partners who already have the expertise and knowledge, without spending a lot of time and money.

As part of Max Property Group’s global expansion, we are looking for partners who are willing to run Max Crowdfund as an exclusive agent. Given that they have extensive knowledge of their own real estate market, it of course will be in their own country. Our agents will be responsible for the marketing and listing of investment products on their own platform in their own country. The agents will receive 75% of all the success fees, and 25% of the management fees, which are generated by the fundraisers placed on the platform. Fees charged by the platform can be found on this page and may be subject to change.

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Written by: Julia van der Kooij