First Loans Live On Max Crowdfund

First Loans Live On Max Crowdfund

After months of technical development and dealings with regulators, Max Crowdfund is proud to announce that the first third-party loans on the platform are being released. The first, a Dutch project, is already fully subscribed and a second loan, for a project in the UK, is going to be released this week. Many more projects are being presented and we hope to be able to release the details soon. For anyone wishing to submit a loan application to Max Crowdfund, please contact us.

Max Crowdfund At Blockchain Event​ D4A

The Barcelona Democracy4all event will take place on the 6th and 7th of October 2020. Held in Barcelona with over 50 speakers attending from across the globe, the event can be accessed online for free.

Max Crowdfund’s very own CTO Erwin van Kekem will be a panellist at the online blockchain event on day 2 speaking on ‘Digital asset economy — the new standard to embrace,’ alongside Francisco Sarrias (Jelurida), Petr Stransky (iCEIBA) and Zenel Batagelj (Datafund).


MPG Blockchain Changes

We are currently considering the launch of a controlled blockchain (Max Property Token — MPT), to eliminate the possibility of a future hack. MPT will be placed on a new test net prior to going live on main net, then the MPT asset will be created and be assigned to newly created wallets in the coming months. Please remember not to trade MPG as trades following the August hack will not be recognised for the relaunch.