Max Crowdfund: fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the world

Max Crowdfund: fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the world

P2PMarketData has named Max Crowdfund as the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the world They reported this in their monthly update of January.

P2PMarketData is a company that since 2018, gathers and analyses the performance of platforms within the alternative finance industry. Subsequently, P2PMarketData publishes the results on its own platform in order to facilitate transparency for both investors and borrowers. Additionally, they create content to educate consumers in the industry on often occurring, relevant topics.

The focus of the platform lies on peer-to-peer lending, real estate crowdfunding, as well as start-up crowdfunding. To P2PMarketData, trustworthiness, simplicity, and quality are the three most important values. All the analyzed data is either directly submitted to them by the platforms themselves, or extracted from publicly available loan books and statistics pages.

Currently, there are already 77 platforms registered to P2PMarketData that have already funded over € combined. These platforms operate in 24 markets with 9 different currencies. To maintain clarity regarding the statistics and data for consumers, everything is converted to euros. This makes the process of comparing and ranking the platforms’ performances simultaneously a lot more organized. 

Max Crowdfund fastest growing crowdfunding platform

Max Crowdfund is one of the 77 registered platforms, which means that P2PMarketData also collects and analyses our performance data. In their monthly update of January, our platform was introduced as one of the newcomers within the P2P database. Simultaneously, we were named the fastest-growing crowdfunding platform in the last year, with growth of no less than 816%.Max Crowdfund snelst groeiende crowdfunding platform

We are of course very proud of the fact that in January we were named the number one of all crowdfunding platforms worldwide. We would like to take this moment to thank everyone involved for the trust. This news makes us very excited about the future.

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