Cryptocurrency Backed Banking Enters Investment Market

Cryptocurrency Backed Banking Enters Investment Market

Max Property Group Signs Collaboration Agreement with Bank of Hodlers To Allow Its Users To Invest in Property Without Having To Convert Their Cryptocurrency

PRESS RELEASE — Bank of Hodlers is a cryptocurrency platform offering a secure wallet for coin holders as well as access to loans and interest, without having to convert cryptocurrency to Fiat. In a move to increase services to their users, Bank of Hodlers have signed a collaboration agreement with Max Property Group (MPG), a real estate company offering high quality property investments which can be purchased using Fiat and cryptocurrency.

The companies are developing technologies that will allow them to offer increased quality services to their respective users, as well as special offers and token giveaways to streamline the adoption of the newly added platform features.

CEO or Bank of Hodlers, Darshan Bathija, says “We treat cryptocurrencies as a separate asset class and offer services to ensure technologies based on blockchain are usable. Collaborating with forward thinking blockchain innovators is a part of our strategy for achieving the mass adoption of cryptocurrency”

Bank of Hodlers is a cryptocurrency bank offering services that meet its philosophy of decentralization, with a focus on customer experience. Users can deposit their cryptocurrency in the system and borrow against it without having to convert to Fiat currency. According to the BOH Whitepaper, user can borrow between 20% and 70% of the deposited coin’s value. Users can also apply for crypto-credit cards and receive interest of up 5% on their digital currency, and there are currently no fees for using the platform.

Max Property Group is a property investment company. Amongst its other long-running business activities, MPG offers a platform, Max Crowdfund, for affordable, high quality investment opportunities. Investment products such as property funds are listed in the platform, which supports cryptocurrency as well as Fiat payments.