Why is Max Crowdfund the best real estate crowdfunding platform of the Netherlands?

Why is Max Crowdfund the best real estate crowdfunding platform of the Netherlands?

 Max Crowdfund has, as you may have already read, had a fantastic year. Not only did we raise over €11 million with our loans, but also with the share issue we raised a whopping €4.25 million. The big question is, of course, "Why did we have such a good first year?''. In this article, we will answer this question.  

 International vision

First of all, we are the only real estate crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands with an international vision. With this vision, we want to eventually have the platform running in every interesting country. The advantage of this is that we can not only offer a more varied selection to our investors, but also a higher return.  

Because we also operate in the foreign real estate market, we can measure our loans against the real estate trends in the country in question. A good example of this is the English market, which is now extremely flexible, as a result of which the returns on these investments are now on average much higher than in the Netherlands. This is a question we often receive from our investors, but in England, higher interest rates on a mortgage are quite normal. Given the varied supply, Max Crowdfund offers their investors the ideal opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. This means that an investor spreads his or her risk as much as possible.

In addition, we do extensive research on each project developer and their project, to make sure that everything around the project is feasible. We only want to publish loans if we can offer our investors enough security. The platform stands or falls with the quality of the loans we offer. Due to the extensive research, we have also had to reject projects. This is why we have a success rate of 100% so far.

Transparent and accessible

Another reason we excel is that we use blockchain technology. This makes us the first real estate crowdfunding platform in the world to use this technology. This makes the platform completely transparent and every transaction, publication or change is visible to everyone. What you see is what you get' is very appropriate here. Investors can view their balance account, portfolio status and performance and receive monthly, quarterly and annual investment reports. An investor can make additional investments, as well as new deposits or withdrawals, within seconds. In addition, in-depth investment portfolio performance and statistics are available for viewing. This makes Max Crowdfund simple and transparent for everyone. Of course, due to privacy regulations, personal data is not visible to everyone. We use this technology because it fits very well with our mission: "To make investing in real estate simple and accessible for everyone". Besides being very transparent, our platform is also very accessible. This is because of the fact that through our platform it is possible to invest from €100,- in different real estate projects.

Rapid growth and positive developments

We as a company have grown tremendously in the past year. This is not only reflected in the €11+ million we have raised, but also in our team that has expanded considerably last year. The share issue of course also shows that there are many investors who have faith in our company and want to help us grow the company in the future.  

At the moment we are busy applying for the European crowdfunding permit. We are expected to send this to the AFM by the end of January as one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands, after which they will evaluate the application. The predictions are now that we will receive the license around November this year. This means that from that moment on we can operate throughout Europe and offer projects from different countries. This will greatly increase the brand awareness of the platform and with that our customer base.  

To answer the earlier question "Why did we have such a good first year?", we look at different aspects. There are in fact several reasons, but the main ones are: because of our international vision, our mission and use of blockchain, our rapid growth and the expected exponential growth. This makes Max Crowdfund the best real estate crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands.