An Exclusive Interview With RECrowd

An Exclusive Interview With RECrowd

As CEO of Max Crowdfund, Managing Director of the Max Property Investment Group, and mentor at the Property Master’s Academy, Mark Lloyd has a lot of experience in the real estate world. In an exclusive interview with RECrowd, he tells more about the company’s mission: “Making real estate investments accessible to everyone” and how they achieve this by their progressive crowdfunding platform Max Crowdfund. In this article, you can read the summary of what is being discussed in the interview. Read the full article on the website of RECrowd.

Max Property Group started in 2016 with a group of real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate world. They wanted to make sure that real estate investments were accessible to everyone; that’s why they chose to make investing possible from as little as €100.

Mark Lloyd believes that real estate crowdfunding will become more mainstream in the coming years. “The market will grow exponentially over the coming years because more investors will realize that investing your savings in real estate is more profitable than leaving it in a bank account,” says the CEO of Max Crowdfund.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, more things are done digitally. For example, with the fully automated Max Crowdfund platform, real estate investing and financing are made possible and accessible online.

Inspiration and challenges

Mark Lloyd is in the real estate business for the past ten years. As a result, he has mentored hundreds of people in the industry. All these people inspire him because they all follow their path to financial freedom.

The company’s biggest challenge so far is getting approval from the Dutch Financial Authority (AFM) as a platform using blockchain technology. The European Union is implementing the next challenge Max Property Group is facing as a regulation.

“The new ECSP-Regulation will allow us to provide our services Pan-European. So that we can diversify our range of investment opportunities,” says Mark Lloyd. Max Property Group expects that property crowdfunding will grow in popularity all around Europe. As a result, it will be more common to invest in crowdfunding platforms.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij