A Successful Event At Zuytland Buiten

A Successful Event At Zuytland Buiten

On Saturday, the 28th of August, we organized an event on the recreational park Zuytland Buiten. As you may already know, we are one of the parties responsible for the sale of recreational villas. With the event, we wanted to make more people aware of the sale and show the park’s beautiful surroundings. Therefore, we considered the event a great success! 

On the Friday before the event, we went to the place where we had the event to make sure it was clean. The event was held on the concrete plateau where the model home will be built. There was an open bar with wine and different fish dishes. We wanted to make sure that visitors could see the beautiful surroundings because that is one of the biggest USP’s of Zuytland Buiten. 

During the event, we spoke with different potential buyers of the homes. Besides a couple of employees of Max Property Group, the contractor and project developers were also present at the event. 

We are pleased that we could talk to different potential investors and buyers and answer all the questions they had. That’s why we want to thank everyone present at the event. 

Are you interested?

Are you also interested in investing in a recreational villa at Zuytland Buiten? There are still some villas available for sale. Here are a couple of reasons why you should invest in a villa:

  • Zuytland Buiten has a proven high occupancy rate and is well maintained
  • More and more people are looking for a holiday in their own country
  • Landal Greenpark is managing and renting out the park
  • In the Netherlands, the real estate market is growing steadily
  • The expected return on investment is up to 5.5%
  • It’s possible to finance including 21% VAT

Via the following link, you can read more about the project. You can add your name to the waitlist by making an account and making a €5,000 fully refundable down payment. If for whatever reason, you decide not to purchase a unit after visiting the park, we will refund your down payment in full, and no costs will be deducted.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij