2017 Was The Year Of The ICO, Will 2019 Be The Year Of Property Crowdfunding?

2017 Was The Year Of The ICO, Will 2019 Be The Year Of Property Crowdfunding?

Max Property Group Announces Its Re-Brand Today, Changing Its Blockchain Property Platform Name From Dominium To Max Crowdfund

Max Property Group staff at HQ Rotterdam

Rotterdam 11th January 2019 — In 2017, amid the peak of the blockchain frenzy, property investment company, Max Property Group, decided to create a global property platform built on blockchain technology, and launch an Initial Token Offering (ITO) for its utility token.

Having spent many months developing a platform named Dominium, both the technology and the brand were well established by the end of 2018, with over 70,000 users on the property platform which had been translated into more than 20 languages. Although the ITO was a success, when a trademark issue came up towards the end of 2018, the founders were forced to re-evaluate their branding as well as their marketing direction.

“At first it was a blow to have to lose all the credibility we had built for our brand, but then we saw it as an opportunity to redirect the business towards the combined markets of crowdfunding and blockchain, which together have an even greater appeal in our opinion,” says Managing Director Mark Lloyd.

Having added several highly experienced team members and advisors and conducted many months of market research, the Directors came to realise that crowdfunding showed a great deal of promise in the alternative finance sector, particularly in the real estate industry. They decided to take their branding down the crowdfunding route, with a new platform name that also reflects the group’s own history; Max Crowdfund.

Far from abandoning its blockchain element, the company is announcing its new face, with rebranded websites and corporate materials, on the same day that the Max Property Group child chain (built on Ardor) was completed, and the MPG coin was launched on the Ardor Coin Exchange.

“We have not changed the platform, we are merely tweaking the way we present it to the public. We were marketing the platform as a blockchain powered technology, and it still is. It was always a crowdfunding platform as well, we just didn’t see that as a major strength. Now we believe that crowdfunding will live up to blockchain as an area of investor interest,” Says Marketing Manager Gudo Thijssen.

Max Property Group has been setting up property investment funds since early 2016, with projects in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In 2018, Erwin van Kekem, Co-Founder of Collin Crowdfund (the largest crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands) joined the team as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Bart de Jonge, an ex-banker with ING Real Estate Finance and other international banks, joined as Chief Investment Officer (CIO). The Max Crowdfund platform aims to streamline property investment on an international level by lowering entry points, facilitating regulatory compliance, and enabling cross-border investment.

About Max Property Group

Max Property Group (MPG) is an international syndicate of property professionals with decades of experience in property investing, rentals and fund management. MPG began operating in 2015 and launched its first property fund in 2016. Further funds followed in the UK and Germany adopting similar business models and adhering to local regulatory practices. In 2017, the Company Principles decided to take steps to streamline its business activities by reducing administrative and marketing tasks, and in early 2018 began developing an international property platform with long-term associate Munte Immobilien and other team members. In addition to the Max Crowdfund platform, the group offers services which include property investment funds, investment property sales, management services, rental services and a property investing academy.

About Max Crowdfund

The Max Crowdfund platform is an online, global marketplace for property investors, project developers and real estate professionals. By tokenising assets, offering industry tools, standardising regulatory materials and translating all into multiple languages, the platform allows users to access high-quality, asset backed property investments, trade regulated property assets and finance real estate projects.

By facilitating cross-border transactions and making property investing available in multiple languages, across multiple jurisdictions, the platform is entering an untapped market with a large global potential.

Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), allows for greater transparency and security on the Max Crowdfund platform. MPG has been researching blockchain technology since 2012 and the Max Property Group blockchain has gone live on the 10th of January 2019, at block height 543,000 on the Ardor blockchain.

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