Earn 15%+ ROI With A Dutch “Recreational Villa”

Earn 15%+ ROI With A Dutch “Recreational Villa”

In the Netherlands, holiday homes that are a part of a recreational park and therefore not classed as a main residence are subject to a government-issued refund of the VAT (21%) paid upon purchase.

Most buyers choose to finance the purchase with a mortgage and, since the total purchase price can be financed (based on 70% LTV mortgage), and then 21% is returned, the capital outlay for the property ends up being minimal. this, combined with the low fixed interest rates available at the moment, creates a high-yielding property.

Max Property Group has the exclusivity to sell the expansion of holiday home park Zuytland Buiten, with 10% of the park already reserved ahead of the official marketing campaign.

During September broadcasts for Zuytland Buiten will be recorded, and will be aired on “Doe Maar Duurzaam” on RTLZ and “Business Class” on RTL7 in the Netherlands during October.

If you want to find out more about the park, email us at info@maxpropertygroup.com or WhatsApp at +31612662969.

On Saturday the 12th of September we will also host our first open day at the park and you are welcome to come and visit. Due to Covid-19, we can only receive one family at a time, so please contact us to schedule an appointment.