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Max Property Group Equity Round

  • 1,700,000 share certificates (14,16%)
  • Price per share certificate €2.50
  • Total €4,250,000 with only €850,000 remaining
  • Participate starting from €5,000
  • Discount of 1% from €50,000​
  • Discount of 2% from €100,000
  • Discount of 5% from €250,000

Annual growth of 200%+ projected for Max Crowdfund for next 5 years


No additional costs to participate such as subscription fees


Agreements signed with New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and the UK


Stock exchange listing being prepared for the next 3 years

About Max Property Group

Max Property Group (MPG) was founded by real estate and fintech professionals with one goal in mind: Make real estate investments accessible to everyone. Via Max Crowdfund (a 100% subsidiary of MPG) you can invest in real estate from as little as €100. After the AFM’s approval was received in July 2020, the public has already invested several million Euros through the platform.
For further growth MPG is now attracting new capital. In previous rounds, more than €1,000,000 in funding was raised for the development of Max Crowdfund. the first real estate crowdfunding platform in the world that uses blockchain technology which has been approved by a financial regulator, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Just before last summer, in just 2 months, €2,750,000 was raised from hundreds of investors, during the summer the sale was temporarily halted to process this overwhelming interest. You now have the opportunity to acquire the last available shares.
Our model is extremely scalable in one of the largest markets in the world, the real estate market. All technology is operational, multilingual and set up in collaboration with our technology partners to scale up.
Contracts have now been signed with franchisees in New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom and we are in (advanced) discussions with partners in Belgium, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the US, South Africa and various other countries. Our franchise model is attracting great interest and allows us to significantly accelerate our sales and profit growth.
To realise this growth, a new equity round is launched. You now have the unique opportunity to participate in possibly the next “Unicorn” from the Netherlands, before we go public in the coming years – planned by 2025 at the latest.
The investment will be used to:
  • Accelerated growth of franchise model, within and outside Europe
  • Expansion of legal, compliance and licensing structure
  • Set up hardware structure (servers, etc.)
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Cash flow financing
  • Expansion of the organisation
  • Marketing and sales
 More information can be found in the Information Document.



Max Property Group Equity Round

  • Projected growth of over 200% per year
  • Early mover advantage
  • Stock exchange listing being prepared (latest 2025)
  • Shares can be traded between shareholders in the meantime
  • No participation fees
  • Annual meetings for share certificate holders
  • Participation from €5000
  • Discount of 1% from €50,000
  • Discount of 2% from €100,000
  • Discount of 5% from €250,000

Downloadable documents

Documents available on Max Crowdfund

  • Equidam valuation report
  • Financial model and annual accounts
  • Companies house extracts
  • Memorandum of Articles
  • Shareholders register and shareholders agreement

Max Property Group Share Certificates (MPGS)

Important information (not exhaustive):

  • MPG has issued a total of 12,000,000 shares, of which 3,300,000 shares have been allocated to Max Property Coöperatie U.A. (MPC).
  • MPC issues 3,300,000 Max Property Group Share Certificates (MPGS).
  • MPC maintains a register of MPGS holders. The MPC register is always leading.
  • Each share certificate is valued in the Series A share issue at €2.50.
  • Share certificates have the same profit-sharing rights as regular (registered) shares.
  • Share certificates have voting rights within MPC, with each MPGS counting as 1 vote. MPC will represent the MPGS holders in MPG’s shareholder meetings.

Read the documentation carefully before investing. For more information, please contact Max Property Group or visit our office in Rotterdam.




Thank you for joining the equity round, we are fully subscribed. Max Crowdfund will keep you informed of any future equity rounds.

Veel gestelde vragen (FAQ's)

When does the Series A equity round close?
The equity round is closed and fully subscribed on 28/12/2021.
In the documents I read about participations of €5000 and about a rate of €2.50. How does this work?
As an investor you can participate from €5000 and in increments of €500. For every €5000 you will receive 2000 Max Property Group Share Certificates (MPGS). The price of the shares is therefore €2.50. This is to keep things simple for our management team. After your participation, the price of the shares is the most important thing for you to follow. For example if you particpate for €5500 you will receive 2200 MPGS
Will I receive physical share certificates if I participate in this equity round?
If you participate in the Series A equity round, you will receive confirmation by email. You also need to create an account on Max Crowdfund where you will see the number of MPGS you own in your account and also the current price will be shown there.
How can I create an account on Max Crowdfund?
Creating an account on Max Crowdfund is fully automated. You register with an email address, which you must confirm, add your personal information and upload your Know-Your-Customer “KYC” documentation. Then you need to answer a few compliance questions and finally you can link your bank account by making an identification deposit. We have produced an animated video for this.
How do I follow Max Property Group and Max Crowdfund's progress?
Once the Series A equity round has been completed, this page changes into an investor relationship page where you can follow the progress such as the annual reports, the share price and news. We also advise people to follow our social media channels, because that’s where we often announce our news first.
How is it possible that Max Crowdfund is growing so fast? Isn't it too good to be true?
Max Property Group has been developing Max Crowdfund since 2018. The software development and AFM approval of the platform was the expensive and time consuming part. So now we can concentrate on expanding and marketing Max Crowdfund internationally. In the documents on this page we present our expected growth prospects and we do this on the basis of customer demand, the signed collaboration agreements, the market and the investments made. Max Crowdfund is so extremely scalable that the sky is literally the limit.

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