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Invest in real estate without even having to touch a brick yourself. Max Crowdfund has a 100% success rate and offers you the property as security on your investment.

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The latest investment opportunities

When we have approved a loan application, the real estate project will be published on our platform as an investment opportunity. For an overview of all projects, including relevant information about the loans in question, click on the button below!

How it works

Register to our platform
Register to our platform

You invest in a real estate project. When the project reaches the total required financing, you will receive interest monthly.

View all investment opportunities
View all investment opportunities

On our website, you will find an overview of all the real estate projects we published in which you can invest. Here you will also find all the relevant information that you need to select an investment opportunity that is suitable for you.

Receive interest on your investment
Receive interest on your investment

When you have contributed to the financing of a project, you will receive interest payments on your investment. This interest will be credited to your Max Crowdfund account. Investments via our platform, even, have an average return on investment (ROI) of more than 9.7%!

Real estate investing, accessible to everyone

Our platform makes use of blockchain technology, which makes investing in real estate a lot easier, more transparent, and safe than often expected. Moreover, investing can already be done from €100,-. Want to know more about how Max Crowdfund works, and what you can do to become a real estate investor without even having to touch a brick yourself? Click the button below!

Your investment backed by bricks

One of the advantages of investing in real estate is that compared to other ways of investing, such as stocks or crypto, properties are less sensitive to sharp declines in value. Therefore, you decrease the risk that is associated with your investment. 

Moreover, if an exceptional situation would occur in which the project developer cannot fulfill his financial obligations, Max Crowdfund has the first right to mortgage.

This means that we will sell the real estate, after which we will be able to pay the investors of that project (part of) their investment back.

Investing with property as security

Enjoy 10% interest on you savings

The loans published on the Max Crowdfund platform generally offer yields between 8 and 12%, with an average of more than 9.7%. We charge a monthly fee of 0.1% on the outstanding investment amount, there are no hidden costs. Would you like to know more about the costs of investing via Max Crowdfund? Read more via the button below.nsequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim.

Average return on investments via Max Crowdfund

Minimal worries, Max results

With an average return on investment of 9.71%, Max Crowdfund offers the best investment options within the real estate crowdfunding market. Invest with ease and enjoy consistent returns without worrying about having to buy, maintain, and sell any property. Curious about how it works?


Platform features

Use auto-investing to subscribe to new investment opportunities that meet your pre-set criteria as they go live. Auto-investing always gives you the option to cancel the investment within 24 hours. An automated message will be sent out for each investment you make.

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